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Supporting you and the work that you do

As if Optixmail was not cost effective enough, we are proud to offer registered charities in the UK 50% discount on the setup costs.

We understand that when it comes to marketing your charity it is vital to keep costs to a minimum. This is why we are proud to offer registered charities in the UK a 50% discount on their setup fee, making it only £50 to join.

Supporting the Devon Wildlife Trust

Here at Optixmail we believe it is crucial to do everything we can to preserve the beautiful, diverse wildlife that we have here in the UK for future generations to enjoy. This is why for every new Optixmail client we get, we will donate 2% of the profit we make to the Devon Wildlife Trust.

About Devon Wildlife Trust

Devon Wildlife trust is part of a national network of trusts that manage conservation throughout the UK. The trust itself manages 45 nature reserves throughout Devon and is closely involved in land and marine management, wildlife surveying, conservation policy and education. Their projects involve working with multiple partners, including local authorities, government and independent agencies and private landowners. Currently underway are their 'Living Sea' and 'Living Landscape' schemes, both of which are aimed at conserving and restoring an abundance of wildlife across Devon's land and within its waters.

To learn more about the fantastic work that the Devon Wildlife Trust do, please visit